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Being Odawa is all about freedom.  The Freedom to be a part of a people who, with integrity and pride, still have and speak our own language.  The freedom to share in common with all other Odawak the customs, culture, and spirituality of our ancestors.  The freedom we have today we will bring to the future through unity, education, justice, communication, and planning.  We will reach out to the next seven generations by holding to cultural values of Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth.  We will utilize our Tribal assets to provide the necessary tools to become successful, hard-working community members who proudly represent our culture.  With these values we will move the Tribe forward.

Debendiziwin aawan maanda Odawa aawiing.  Geyaabi gdaa’aanaa miinwaa gdanwemi Anishinaabemowin, maanda egishkaago’iing debendiziwin ebidgwasiing mnaadendiziwin miinwaa wiimnaadendiziyin.  Gdabendaanaa debendiziwin kina gwaya Odawak naasaap eyaamjik, maanda naakinigewinan, maadiziwin miinwaa mnidoowaadiziwin gaanaaniigaaniijik debendamowaad. Maanda debendiziwin eyaamiing nangwa, gaanamaajiidonaa niigaan ezhibezhigoyiing, kinoomaadwin, dbaakinigewin, giigidowin miinwaa naakinigewin.  Gaazhiibiignaketaanaa maanda niizhwaachiing bimaadiziwin waabii’aamigak mjignamiing ninda mnomaadiziwinan echipiitendaakin: nbwaakaawin, zaagidwin, mnaadendamowin, aakde’ewin, gwekwaadiziwin, dbaadendiziwin miinwaa debwewin.  Ganakaazinaa ninda gdabendaaswinaanin, jimiigwe’iing nakaazwinan jimnomewzi’iing, enitaanokiijik maampii Anishinaabek enaapshkaamwaad maanda gbimaadziwinaa.  Ninda eyaamiing echipiitendaakin, miigo kina gwaya maampii enjibaad jiniigaanibizad.


Up Coming Meetings

Ziibiimijwang Meeting
5:30 PM
Rm. 312

Agricultural Assessment Work Group Meeting
4:00 PM
Council Chambers

Gaming Regulatory Meeting
5:30 PM
911 Spring St.

Indian Child Welfare Meeting
4:30 PM
Rm. 312

Annual Community Meeting
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Odawa Casino Resort





Housing Commission Meeting
5:00 PM
Room 312

Legal and Legislative Committee Meeting
9:00 AM
Council Chambers

Tribal Council Work Session
1:00 PM
Council Chambers

Tribal Council Meeting
9:00 AM
Council Chambers

Election Board Work Session




Latest News
04/27/2015 10:29 AM

MARK YOUR CALENDAR AND GET READY TO LACE UP YOUR WALKING SHOES!  The 2015 Tribe to Tribe Blues Community Challenge is almost here!

For the fourth time in as many years Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is proud to present the Tribe to Tribe Blues Community Challenge!  This year’s program begins Sunday, May 3 and runs through Sunday, July 5.  The 2015 T2T competitive field is the largest ever, with 10 tribal communities and one tribal health and wellness agency committed to the contest!  The number of teams participating isn’t the only the only thing which has increased, this year’s total wellness grants offered are $14,000!

Teams will once again use the Blues’ WalkingWorks ™ online tracking system to see which can log the most miles of physical activity over the course of the 9-week program.  All teams completing the Challenge will take home a wellness grant for their community, with higher performing teams receiving larger shares of the total.  One award will additionally be made to the team which locks in the highest AVERAGE of miles per team member.  All rankings and awards will be announced at the 28th Annual Michigan Indian Family Olympics on Friday, July 17 at Shepherd High School’s track and field, Shepherd, MI.

NEW THIS YEAR: two unique youth opportunities to get more involved!  BCBSM is looking for interested youth to become “tribal wellness reporters” during the Tribe to Tribe Blues Community Challenge, by staying in touch with social media and PR team members to share stories and pictures of health and wellness activities within their community.  There will also be a fitness contest within the Challenge for youth age 6 – 17, the Tribe to Tribe MI Kids Can Marathon!  Interested youth will log the first 25.2 miles of a marathon on a paper log during the weeks of the T2T, then will run the final mile together at the Michigan Indian Family Olympics, on July 17.  All participants will be eligible for great wellness gift and prizes through the Blues, including sporting and music tickets, marathon (if applicable) shirts, and marathon medals, among other goodies.  Contact Regina Brubacker-Carver if your youth is interested in participating.

Tribe to Tribe Blues Community Challenge interested participants can plan to sign-up on WalkingWorks ™ to join  LTBB Mnozhiyaa  (name of your team/tribe) beginning Wednesday, April 29.  For more information or if you have questions please contact Regina Brubacker-Carver at 231 242-1664 or

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Unofficial Recall Election Results

Executive News

Documents for Comment - Comment Form
REG- WOS-2014-010-001 MCEA 0327

VETO Statement Statute - Land Use Bldg Zoning 1-19-15

121814-04 Approval GAC FY 2015 budget VETO - 01/05/15

121814-06 Transfer of $40,000 for the THPO budget VETO - 01/05/15

Executive Explanation of Veto of Tribal Government Priority Funding Percentage Allocation for FY 2016 - 11/10/14

Executive Explanation of Veto of Weekly Payroll - 11/10/14

Executive Explanation of Veto of THPO Statute

Executive Response to Tribal Council's Weekly Payroll Request 9-29-14


The Michelle Chingwa Education Assistance Scholarship Regulations that have been approved by the Tribal Chairman.
REG-WOS 2014-010-091914-001 - Comment Form

Chairman’s Veto of the Amendment to #WOS 2011-009 Administrative Procedures for the Accounting Department.

Legislative News

Odawa Fisheries, Inc., Corporate Charter member opening for a 3-year term

Legislative Corner: LTBB Tribal Seal

Resolution 100914-01 Supplemental Appropriation to Increase 2014 Per Capita Distribution Payments

Passed - WOS 2014-012 Naawchigedaa Statute Tort Claims

Bill Denemy's Statement in Support of Change to Weekly Payroll

Re: Executive Veto of Tribal Resolution 042914-01

Legislative Branch
Re: Executive Veto of Tribal Resolution 042914-01

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United States Department of the Interior

Notice of Availabilty

YOUTH VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: As of 12-24-14, all youth activities will temporarily be placed on hold per the new Youth Coordinator, Bernadece Boda.  During this time, the youth services staff will be doing some housekeeping and inventory and any youth volunteers are welcome to assist.  In the interim, they will be available and may be reached by telephone or email.  It is the hope that in the near future, the Youth Program will host a meet and greet open house that will allow youth and parents to meet the Youth Staff as well as update any youth registrations and releases with the Program.  Any questions may be directed to Bernadece Boda at 231-242-1593. 

Americans waste almost 50 percent of food produced

How food date labels cause confusion and food waste. 

Date: November 21, 2014 | Author: Michelle Jarvie | Open your fridge, pantry, snack drawer - anywhere you store food. Look for the words "sell by," "use by," "born on" or "best before." I guarantee some iteration of those words is on your packages, every one of them - from canned goods to eggs, from corn chips to soda. Have you ever considered what those dates actually mean? Have you ever thrown food away based on those dates? 
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