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Being Odawa is all about freedom.  The Freedom to be a part of a people who, with integrity and pride, still have and speak our own language.  The freedom to share in common with all other Odawak the customs, culture, and spirituality of our ancestors.  The freedom we have today we will bring to the future through unity, education, justice, communication, and planning.  We will reach out to the next seven generations by holding to cultural values of Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth.  We will utilize our Tribal assets to provide the necessary tools to become successful, hard-working community members who proudly represent our culture.  With these values we will move the Tribe forward.

Debendiziwin aawan maanda Odawa aawiing.  Geyaabi gdaa’aanaa miinwaa gdanwemi Anishinaabemowin, maanda egishkaago’iing debendiziwin ebidgwasiing mnaadendiziwin miinwaa wiimnaadendiziyin.  Gdabendaanaa debendiziwin kina gwaya Odawak naasaap eyaamjik, maanda naakinigewinan, maadiziwin miinwaa mnidoowaadiziwin gaanaaniigaaniijik debendamowaad. Maanda debendiziwin eyaamiing nangwa, gaanamaajiidonaa niigaan ezhibezhigoyiing, kinoomaadwin, dbaakinigewin, giigidowin miinwaa naakinigewin.  Gaazhiibiignaketaanaa maanda niizhwaachiing bimaadiziwin waabii’aamigak mjignamiing ninda mnomaadiziwinan echipiitendaakin: nbwaakaawin, zaagidwin, mnaadendamowin, aakde’ewin, gwekwaadiziwin, dbaadendiziwin miinwaa debwewin.  Ganakaazinaa ninda gdabendaaswinaanin, jimiigwe’iing nakaazwinan jimnomewzi’iing, enitaanokiijik maampii Anishinaabek enaapshkaamwaad maanda gbimaadziwinaa.  Ninda eyaamiing echipiitendaakin, miigo kina gwaya maampii enjibaad jiniigaanibizad.

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09/30/2016 3:51 PM

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Strong Odawa Women Carry on the Tradition of Leadership

HARBOR SPRINGS, MICHIGAN – Today, the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians (LTBB) announced Regina Gasco- Bentley has been sworn in as Tribal Chair with running mate Stella Kay as Tribal Vice Chair. Gasco -Bentley and Kay won the Tribal Election on August 1st, 2016. They are the first team of women elected to serve as the heads of the Executive Branch of government for LTBB.

“We are excited to move the Tribe forward in a good way while maintaining strong government-to-government relationships with our counterparts at the federal, state and local levels.”

Gasco- Bentley has been the Acting Tribal Chair since a recall election in 2014. Gasco- Bentley has served on Tribal Council since 2004 and previously served as the Legislative Leader and Secretary for the Tribe. She spent 10 years as a business owner in Boyne City, working and owning a local print shop. Gasco -Bentley was born in Harbor Springs and raised in Boyne Falls, MI. She has a daughter. Kay is a Charlevoix resident prior to the swearing in Kay worked for LTBB as the Senior Financial analyst for the Legislative branch of government.

Kay grew up in in Oden MI graduated from Alanson High School she earned her Bachelors in Accounting from Michigan State University. Prior to working at LTBB she was employed by NCR Corporation in Ohio. She and her husband Dave have four children.

Tribal Council is looking to fill a position on the Traditional Tribal Burial Board Inc. The purpose of this Corporate Charter is to develop and manage the Traditional Tribal Burial Grounds as provided by Waganakising Odawak Statute 2009-018 Traditional Tribal Burial Grounds, through approved regulations, as a self-sustaining non-profit entity.
If you are interested, please send your cover letter and resume’ to the Legislative Office 7500 Odawa Circle Harbor Springs MI 49740.

Tribal Council Vacancy with term ending 2019:
Tribal Council has Officially declared a vacancy on Tribal Council at their last meeting on September 15, 2016 and made the following motion, Motion made by Treasurer Reyes and supported by Councilor Law to declare a vacancy on Tribal Council, and the Legislative Office will post the vacancy for letters of interest due by close of business on October 3, and the date for interviews will be October 4, 2016.

All candidates shall submit a copy of his/her Tribal Identification card with their Letter of Interest that includes their qualifications, i.e. education, experience, tribal community involvement or participation in other activities, and any other skills or attributes.

Please send a copy of your Tribal ID, Letter of Interest and Resume’ to Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Tribal Council Office 7500 Odawa Circle Harbor Springs MI 49740. Additional information may be obtained by calling 231-242-1403.

Executive draft regulations for LTBB NRD Access, Land Use Zoning and Hearing Aid Assistance posted for public comment.
Regulations Land Use Zoning 070516 completed 091916 for comment
Amendment 91416 LTBB NRD Access Regulations
RPP Document Comment Form 020609.pdf

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Disposal of Assets Notice - 09/14/16

Assistant Prosecutor Position - 08/17/16

Official Special Election Results - 08/16/16

Notice - Finding No Significant Impact Intent Request Release Funds ICDBG Archives Expan. - 02/17/16



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