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Department of Commerce

Notice - For those of you who are RTM’s, the Annual Tribal 4013 Tax Credit forms were mailed out yesterday to those 18+ as of 1/1/2016. Minors, Executors to an RTM’s estate or people that have moved out of the TAA during 2016 may contact me directly for the form.
Please NOTE: These forms will not be emailed nor posted on the tribal website, nor on the SOM-Dept. of Treasury’s website…for a reason.


On June 11, 2006, Tribal Council passed Tribal Resolution 061106-15 which changed the Economic Development Department into the Department of Commerce and Odawa Enterprise Management.  Department of Commerce is responsible for the administration and/or oversight of the following:

  • Filing Business Certificate Registrations (DBA’s)

  • Filing all Profit and Non-Profit Corporations, Registrations, Certificates and Amendments

  • Oversight of the LTBB Tax Agreement and establishing policies regarding such as needed

  • Oversight and regulation of tax-exempt fuel and tobacco purchases pertaining to the LTBB Tax Agreement

Northern Shores Community Development

Current Tax Exemption amounts:
Effective: 12/01/2017
Unleaded Fuel:  $0.38 per gallon
Diesel Fuel:      $0.40 per gallon
Cigarettes:       $2.00 per pack
$20.00 per carton
OTP:                24%


NLEA Business Counseling & Funding Available
Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA)has expanded their business counseling services and have added more business counseling opportunities as they work with SCORE!  NLEA also is offering Service Provider Program designed to provide funds to businesses, for a variety of services, to help them grow. Find out how your business may qualify to receive money for projects including:

- Website development
- Accounting System setup
- Legal entity issues
- Software development
- Marketing programs

For more info on these great services and more contact Tom Erhart, NLEA Entrepreneurship Director at: or 231-582-6482.  Please visit 

Information & Instructions for Filing Articles of Incorporation

New Online Business Primer to Help with Job Creation in Indian Country

Attention all resident Tribal Members(RTM’s):

If you are planning to purchase a vehicle, ORV, or plan on doing any home improvements to your principal place of residence, you need to contact Theresa Keshick first (see contact information below), before making the actual purchase(s). I will issue you a ‘Tribal Certificate of Exemption’ for such purchases. You must fill out the “Request for TCE” form, located on this page, or by contacting my office. The Tribe no longer uses the Refund Method, as indicated in the monthly newsletter, as of January 1, 2008. If you’ve already made a purchase, there is no recourse!!! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Q & A’s Regarding the Handling of Resident Tribal Member (RTM) filings of the MI 1040 and the 4013.

Tax Agreement Information and Forms:
Tax Agreement (Updated 06/14/17)
LTBB Tax Agreement 1st Amendment
LTBB Tax Agreement 2nd Amendment
LTBB Tax Agreement 3rd Amendment
Tax Agreement Excerpt of Enumerated Items
Eligible items for purchase under the LTBB Tax Agreement by RTMs
Appendix A (Amended) for Tax Agreement fully Executed 012616
Tax Agreement Map - 11/20/17

How to become a Resident Tribal Member

How to Request a Tribal Certificate of Exemption - updated 02/21/17
Tribal Certificate of Exemption Request - 2016
Residency Form For Tax Agreement - Updated 09/08/17
Form for Authorized Use of Tribal ID by a non-member
Policy for Authorized Use of Tribal ID by a non-member

Incorporating a Profit or Non-Profit Corporation:

Application for Register a Corporation
Articles of Incorp for Nonprofit
Articles of Incorporation for use by Domestic Profit Corporations
Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation

Business Registration Certificates:

Waganakising Odawak Statue 2006-009 - Business Assumed Names Act

DOC Assistant:  Theresa Keshick

Location:  1345 US 31 North, Basement Level
                  Petoskey, MI  49770

Contact #:  231-242-1584
Fax #:         231-242-1585



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