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Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Bear River Watershed Habitat Restoration Project

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan is a 5 year (2010-2014) $475 million plan to implement restoration activities in the Great Lakes in 5 major focus areas:

In 2010, the LTBB was awarded $196,148 for the Bear River Watershed Habitat Restoration Project for FY 2011-2013 under the Habitat and Wildlife Protection and Restoration focus area. The GLRI Bear River Project has 3 main goals:


In 2011, staff from LTBB and Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council teamed up to do a comprehensive survey of the entire shoreline of Walloon Lake and the Bear River surveyed for greenbelts, erosion, and invasive species. The survey was used to help prioritize restoration projects for the grant. Restoration projects will include greenbelt/shoreline/riverfront improvements through native plantings, shoreline turf grass reduction or conversion, no-mow agreements, erosion control and invasive species removal using physical, chemical, and biological control methods.

Greenbelts:               To date, we have exceeded our greenbelt target and improved over 1,500 linear feet of shoreline and/or riverbank, which was done with the help of our 2011 No Mow Challenge.

Invasive Species:     With the help of volunteers we removed 20 bags of garlic mustard in May from the Bear River Recreation Area, as well as several bags of purple loosestrife from Melrose Township Park.

We also provided educational workshops on greenbelts and invasive species in 2012 for landowners within the watershed. An invasive species management plan for the watershed has been drafted and will be updated as necessary throughout the grant with the final plan to be submitted at completion of the grant.

2013 Projects:

* If you would like to volunteer to help out with any of our invasive species projects please contact Jackie Pilette at (231) 242-1684 or by email at:

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For more information about the LTBB GLRI Bear River Watershed Habitat Restoration Project, please contact Christina Coger at (231) 242-1571 or by email at:

Updated: 08/30/2013