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Tribal Council Apprived Policies

All repealed Policies can be found in the legislative office.

Annual Salary Compensation, and Stipend Policy for TC (Passed 062316)

Capital Project Policy - approved 05/07/06

Legislative Branch Cellular Equipment and Service Plan Policy - approved 12/19/10

   Citizens Portal Comment Policy - approved¬† 09/22/13

Citizens Requesting Tribal Council, Commissions, Committee and Boards Recorded Minutes of Meetings Policy - approved 07/22/07

Commissions, Boards and Committees revised Amended policy - approved 10/19/03

Contracting Policy - Approved 02/19/06 ( See Contracting Statute 2013-007)

Corporate Charter Assignment Policy

Elders Housekeeping policy approved 12/04/05

Elders Snowplowing policy - approved 12/04/05

Emergency Assistance Policy POL-ADM 121811-001

Ethics Committee Policy and Procedures-approved on 03-09-17

Executive Branch Employee Handbook Effective 070404 approved by Council 060604 Amended by Exec Directive 26-11052012-01

Final Selection of Auditors Policy - approved 08/15/17

Gaming Regulatory Emp Handbook - approved 030615

Grant, Donation, or Other Funding Policy - approved 02/18/16

Health Department Policies

Hotline Policy

Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Policy POL-WOS 2006-003 010712-001

Legislative Office Employee Handbook Approved by Tribal Council

Legislative Office Utilization of Community Service Workers

Legislative Branch Budget Process Policy and Procedure approved 020416

Legislative Branch Employee Handbook Drug Free Workplace

Legislative Branch Employee Handbook Fair Employment Leave

Legislative Branch Employee Handbook Marriage Benefits Policy

Legislative Branch Hiring of Specific Individuals Policy and Procedures-approved 011917

040617 Legislative Branch Travel and Reimbursement Policy

Management of Capital Project Funds Policy approved-TR 050706-09

Policies and Procedures Policy

Policy for Payment to minors for tribal revenue allocation

Procedures for Appointment for Vacancy to Tribal Council

Procedures Auth-Pre-Const Capital Project Funds

Short Term Investment Policy 012317

Status of Gaming Reg Commission Emp Policy 071402

Tribal Council Phone Poll Policy

Public Comment Policy passed-061815

Registered Agent PASSED 062611

   Resolution Usage Policy

Request for Removal of Prosecutor Policy and Procedures

Short Term Investment Policy 012317

TC and Ethics Committee Hearing Policy-021915

TC Committees Meeting Policy and Procedures for Electronic Participation

  Travel policy (Executive)

Travel Report Policy

  Tribal Council and its Committees Public Hearing Policy for General Rules of Conduct

Triblal Council Officer Elections Approved 072113.pdf

Tribal Council Meeting Procedures

Tribal Government Short Term Investment Policy

Tribal Policy for Citizens Requesting Tribal Council, Commissions, Boards and Committees Recorded Minutes of Meetings

Tribal Council Standing Committees Meeting Policy and Procedure

Ziibimijwang Allowable Cost Policy-passed by Tribal Council 082114

POL-ADM WOS 2012-008 012716-005 SORN.pdf

Grant, Donation and other Fundign Policy-AO.pdf

Legislative Branch Policy and Procedure-AO.pdf

Legislative Office Emp Handbook-Amended 012116.pdf

011917 Policy to Fill TC Committee Vacancy

Policy Procedure Hiring Specific Individuals Legislative Office-approved 011917

Policy and Procedures Rescheduleing TC MTG in event of an Emergency Closure

Response to Citizen's Inquiry Policy-passed 082417

Appointment for a Vacant Seat on Tribal Council-approved 01-13-18



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