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Being Odawa is all about freedom.  The Freedom to be a part of a people who, with integrity and pride, still have and speak our own language.  The freedom to share in common with all other Odawak the customs, culture, and spirituality of our ancestors.  The freedom we have today we will bring to the future through unity, education, justice, communication, and planning.  We will reach out to the next seven generations by holding to cultural values of Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth.  We will utilize our Tribal assets to provide the necessary tools to become successful, hard-working community members who proudly represent our culture.  With these values we will move the Tribe forward.

Anishinaabemowin Interpretation of LTBB Mission Statement:
Debendiziwin aawan maanda Odawa aawiing.  Geyaabi gdaa’aanaa miinwaa gdanwewmi Anishinaabemowin, maanda egishkaago’iing debendiziwin ebidgwasiing mnaadendiziwin miinwaa wiimnaadendiziyiing.  Gdabendaanaa debendiziwin kina gwaya Odawak naasaap eyaamjik, maanda naakinigewinan, maadiziwin miinwaa mnidoowaadiziwin gaanaaniigaaniijik debendamowaad. Maanda debendiziwin eyaamiing nangwa, kanimaajiidonaa niigaan ezhibezhigoyiing, kinoomaadwin, dbaakinigewin, giigidowin miinwaa naakinigewin.  Kazhiibiignaketaanaa maanda niizhwaachiing bimaadiziwin waabii’aamigak mjignamiing ninda mnomaadiziwinan echipiitendaakin: nbwaakaawin, zaagidwin, mnaadendamowin, aakde’ewin, gwekwaadiziwin, dbaadendiziwin miinwaa debwewin.  Kanakaazinaa ninda gdabendaaswinaanin, jimiigwe’iing nakaazwinan jimnomewzi’iing, enitaanokiijik maampii Anishinaabek enaapshkaamwaad maanda gbimaadziwinaa.  Ninda eyaamiing echipiitendaakin, miigo kina gwaya maampii enjibaad jiniigaanibizad.

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Latest News
08/20/2018 2:52 PM

Upcoming Meetings / Events

GEB Meeting

Tribal Council Work Session - 9:00 AM
Council Chambers - Agenda

Citizenship Comm. Mtg. - 1:00 PM
Room 118

NRC Meeting - 6:00 PM
Natural Resource Department Conference Room


08/20/18 - Aanii, Tribal Council is looking to fill a the remainder of a 4-year term ending January 8, 2019 and then a new 4-year term for the same position beginning January 8, 2019 ending January 8, 2023 on the Ziibimijwang, Inc. The purpose of the Corporation is to manage the Ziibimijwang, Inc., as provided by Waganakising Odawak Statute 2014-005 as a self-sustaining non-profit entity and to provide for the health and welfare of the Tribal Community through the use of sustainable farming with emphasis toward organic foods, providing for exercising treaty rights of hunting, fishing and gathering, agricultural activities, caring for livestock, and other activities that promote nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.
If you are interested, please send your cover letter and resume’ to the Legislative Office 7500 Odawa Circle Harbor Springs MI 49740. Please call 23-242-1403 if you have any questions. Miigwech

08/14/18 - Dear Tribal Citizens, Little Traverse Supporters, and All Community Members,
It has come to our attention that the Emmet County Lakeshore Association has published its Summer
2018 newsletter, which purports to contain an update on the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa
Indians v. Snyder litigation. The update contains misleading and biased information about our Tribe and
the lawsuit. Because of the importance of this lawsuit to our entire community, we felt it critical to offer
our perspective on the issues addressed. Click here for complete letter.

08/16/18 - Legislative Documents Posted for Comment Updated

08/16/18 - Executive Documents for Comment Updated

08/10/18 - Small Grant Application and Donations Forms have been updated.
You can find them in our Forms Directory under Miscellaneous.

08/03/18 - The August 7, 2018 Tribal Council Work Session has been cancelled. The next regularly scheduled Work Session will take place on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers

07/30/18 - The Emergency Fund is now Open.

07/12/18 - SEEDS is looking to host a CNC academy at the government building. The academy would be 2-3 days and provide an opportunity to learn more about CNC in a hands-on setting. To help identify the interest level and structure, we are kindly asking for just a few moments of your time to complete the survey.
Please feel free to share to other LTBB households who you feel would be interested.

07/09/18 - Tribal Council is looking to fill the following Gaming Enterprise Board terms:
(2) positions where the 3-year terms have already expired.
(2) positions whose terms will expire on September 3, 2018.
(1) position whose term will expire on September 30, 2018.
Waganakising Odawak Statute 2015-009 mandates that the purpose of the Board is to monitor, and provide oversight, and direction regarding the management of the Odawa Casino Resort. The Board is charged with maximizing both the Revenues and associated EBITDA while also maximizing employment opportunities for Tribal Citizens. The Board shall consist of persons with business and gaming experience, including both Tribal Citizens and others. 
To serve on the Gaming Enterprise Board a person must possess the following seven (7) minimum qualifications and must be licensed under the Tribe’s Gaming Regulatory Ordinance.
Associate or Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Finance, or Hospitality; or in a related discipline; and
A minimum of three (3) years successful work experience in a senior management position in the field of business administration, public administration, hotel management, accounting, finance or law, preferably with specialized knowledge and expertise relevant to the gaming industry; or
A minimum of six (6) years of gaming work experience; and

  • Leadership qualities, shows good judgment, is approachable and team oriented; and
  • No person can serve on the Gaming Enterprise Board who is an elected official of LTBB;
  • No person can serve on the Gaming Enterprise Board who is employed by any Gaming Enterprise of LTBB; and
  • No person shall serve as a Gaming Enterprise Board member, who is within seven (7) years of completion of a sentence or probation upon being convicted of a felony in Tribal, State, or Federal Court, unless such conviction has been vacated or overturned; and
  • No person shall serve as a Gaming Enterprise Board member who is on a Security Ban from the Gaming Enterprise or who has been banned in the last two (2) years, unless the ban is a self-imposed ban.

If interested, please submit a letter of interest and resume’ to the Legislative Office at 7500 Odawa Circle Harbor Springs MI 49740 or email

07/02/18 - Official Election Board Notice

06/21/18 - Publication Notice
In accordance with WOS #2006-001, Notice is hereby given that a Petition has been filed, LTBB of Odawa Indians Tribal Court Case No:  NC-016-0618 and Tribal Court Ordered that Tammy Sue Barnadyn has legally changed her name to Tammy Sue Willis.  This notice will be published in the Odawa Trails newsletter for two (2) consecutive months and in the Odawa Register on the Tribe’s website.
Date:  June 21, 2018

06/12/18 - Tribal Council is pleased to announce that Tribal Council Work Sessions and Open Meetings will be accessible to Tribal Citizens through Adobe Connect which is located in the Citizen’s Portal link, on the front page of the Tribal website. Please follow the instructions in order to gain access into a Citizen’s only portal. What you will find are individual Live-Stream Links for access to the “Appropriations and Finance Committee” meetings, “Land and Reservation Committee” meetings, “Tribal Council Work Sessions” and “Tribal Council Meetings”, all of which are specifically designated for our Tribal Citizens access.

06/04/18 - LIHEAP is Closed / Out of Funds

The Emergency Fund is now Closed.

05/10/18 - The LTBB Health Department is excited to announce that PRC is now able to cover Chiropractic Care! We are partnering with Pateman Chiropractic in Petoskey, MI to provide chiropractic services to our patients. Contact your physician at the LTBB Clinic to see if chiropractic care is right for you! (231) 242-1700.

05/01/18 - Executive Documents for Comment Updated

04/30/18 - CSBG is now Open

04/04/18 - Odawa Economic Development Management Intern
OEDMI seeks the services of an Intern in the Accounting, Economic or Business field(s) to assist the Board of Directors with day-to-day and other assigned duties for the corporation.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is accepting applications for up to $600,000 to aid Tribes in housing construction, housing rehabilitation, housing infrastructure, land acquisition to support new housing, homeownership assistance, public facilities and improvements including infrastructure, economic development, and microenterprise programs. LTBB is applying for these funds to develop and build Phase 1 of a Community Wellness Center on the LTBB Campus. This project will be completed in multiple phases. Phase 1 focuses on fitness/wellness rooms and classes as well as locker rooms with showers.

If you have questions or comments about this project, please contact Direct Services Administrator, Phil Harmon at or (231) 242-1421.

Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians to Deliver Over $3.7 Million to State and Local Governments. Click here for full statement





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