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  • Native AmericaNative America voices from the land

    "This ... collection examines Native North American culture, past and present, and its attempts to halt assimilation and retain native cutlural traditions."--Container.

  • The silent enemyThe silent enemy

    Shot as a silent film with a sound prologue by Chief Yellow Robe. The chief calmly states that our civilization is ending his people’s way of life, and that ’soon we will be no more’. Stun- ningly photographed. The film portrays the noble savage in all his glory, going about his everyday life in the never ending battle with the silent enemy (hunger). A last glimpse into our past. (the people in the film are indians).

  • The great Indian warsThe great Indian wars

    Documents the Native American struggle against European settlers.

  • Men’s southern straight dance dvdMen’s southern straight dance dvd

  • Island of great spiritIsland of great spirit The legacy of Manitoulin

    The documentary explores the complex relations the Anishinabek, the French, the British, and the settlers, who have all shared the island.

  • ApocalyptoApocalypto

    Set towards the end of the Mayan civilization, a young warrior is captured by a powerful tribe and must find a way to escape or become a human sacrifice.

  • Four sheets to the windFour sheets to the wind

    After his father’s suicide, Cufe, embarks on a journey outside of his reservation to find a more fulfilling life.

  • Shadow LakeShadow Lake

    When reinvestigating the fourteen year old murder of a local man, deadly suspects and cryptic games confront Officer Longfellow and the dead man daughter, whose trying to uncover the truth about her father. the town is not the peaceful place it seems.

  • SpiritSpirit : the seventh fire

    Buffett, Peter.

  • Crooked TreeCrooked Tree

    Wilson, Robert Charles, 1951-

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