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  • Looking back at Cross Village and BeyondLooking back at Cross Village and Beyond : a collection of area research articles

    Mendoza, Kathy.

  • Voice on the waterVoice on the water : Great Lakes native America now

  • Precious knowledgePrecious knowledge

    "While 48 percent of Mexican-American students currently drop out of high school, Tucson (Ariz.) High [School’s] Mexican American Studies Program has become a national model of educational success, with 93 percent of enrolled students graduating from high school. However, Arizona lawmakers [state school superintendents Tom Horne and John Huppenthal and Gov. Jan Brewer have] shut the program down because they believe the students are being indoctrinated with dangerous ideology and embracing destructive ethnic chauvinism"--Container.

  • Gah-baeh-Jhagwah-bukGah-baeh-Jhagwah-buk : The way it happened : a visual culture history of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa

    McClurken, James M.

  • The elders speakThe elders speak : reflections on Native American Life centering on Beaver Island, Michigan, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

    Anthony, George A.

    The book is a culmination of forty years of recorded interviews with tribal leaders having knowledge of the Native American culture from the islands in the Beaver Archipelago off the coast of northwest Michigan. It interweaves two stories: accurate reports of authentic institutions stretching back to prehistoric times, and a photographic record of what it was like to live these traditions over the past handful of decades.

  • For a girl becomingFor a girl becoming

    Harjo, Joy.

    Within these colorful pages, family and community come together in celebration of a girl’s journey, offering praise, love, and advice to help carry her forward through the many milestones to come.

  • The silent enemyThe silent enemy

    Shot as a silent film with a sound prologue by Chief Yellow Robe. The chief calmly states that our civilization is ending his people’s way of life, and that ’soon we will be no more’. Stun- ningly photographed. The film portrays the noble savage in all his glory, going about his everyday life in the never ending battle with the silent enemy (hunger). A last glimpse into our past. (the people in the film are indians).

  • Fish HawkFish Hawk : an adventure of the heart

    An Osage Indian, Fish Hawk, has been hired to hunt down a bear that has been killing livestock. Fish Hawk moves in with a local family and befriends their son, Corby. When he saves the boy from a deadly encounter, their friendship grows deeper.

  • The four directions and the Waganakising OdawaThe four directions and the Waganakising Odawa

    Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians.

    Fred Harrington (narrator) and members of The Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa (Waganakising Odawa) explain the spiritual concepts behind the Medicine Wheel. This informatible film beautifully captures the tribe’s cultural events and illustrates Anishinaabe stories including: "The Origin of the Snowsnake,""The Jingle Dress Dance,""Making Maple Syrup," and "The Great Flood." The community continues to thrive in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan.

  • Pow wow trailPow wow trail

    Explores the special role of women within the pow-wow.

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