While the locust slept : a memoir

Reviewed July 7, 2015

Categories: Non-fiction

I recently read the Memoir “While the Locust Slept” by Peter Razor. I found the book to be a haunting retelling of his childhood and the horrors he had to endure. The strength that Peter showed as a child by trying to run away from the abusive orphanage not once but twice is awe inspiring. The courage he showed to stand up to his abuser is chilling.
The story of his life on the farm and being treated like an animal, reminded me of stories my father told me of his life working on a farm as a young man. It caused me to feel very angry. I wanted to jump in the pages of the book and right the wrong. I found myself feeling like that a lot throughout this book.
I feel many people dealing with historical trauma could benefit from reading this book.
In my opinion, I give this book an A+. I found it haunting and surreal, the events in Peter’s life will leave you raw with emotion, but you will be a better person in the end.
This book can be checked out and our tribal Cultural Library.