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  • Manitou CanyonManitou Canyon : a novel

    Krueger, William Kent, author.

    ""One of today's automatic buy-today-read-tonight series...thoughtful but suspenseful, fast but lasting, contemporary but strangely timeless." (Lee Child) In the extraordinary new Cork O'Connor thriller from New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award-winning author William Kent Krueger, the lives of hundreds of innocent people are at stake when Cork vanishes just days before his daughter's wedding. Since the violent deaths of his wife, father, and best friend all occurred in previous Novembers, Cork O'Connor has always considered it to be the cruelest of months. Yet, his daughter has chosen this dismal time of year in which to marry, and Cork is understandably uneasy. His concern comes to a head when a man camping in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness goes missing. As the official search ends with no recovery in sight, Cork is asked by the man's family to stay on the case. Although the wedding is fast approaching and the weather looks threatening, he accepts and returns to that vast wilderness on his own. As the sky darkens and the days pass, Cork's family anxiously awaits his return. Finally certain that something has gone terribly wrong, they fly by floatplane to the lake where the missing man was last seen. Locating Cork's campsite, they find no sign of their father. They do find blood, however. A lot of it. With an early winter storm on the horizon, it's a race against time as Cork's family struggles to uncover the mystery behind these disappearances. Little do they know, not only is Cork's life on the line, but so are the lives of hundreds of others. A taut, suspenseful thriller, Manitou Canyon features everything readers love in a Cork O'Connor novel: a dramatic Northwoods setting, an intriguing view of the Objibwe culture, an enigmatic crime, masterful storytelling, and more than a few surprises"--

  • Braiding sweetgrassBraiding sweetgrass

    Kimmerer, Robin Wall.

    "An inspired weaving of indigenous knowledge, plant science, and personal narrative from a distinguished professor of science and a Native American whose previous book, Gathering Moss, was awarded the John Burroughs Medal for outstanding nature writing. As a botanist and professor of plant ecology, Robin Wall Kimmerer has spent a career learning how to ask questions of nature using the tools of science. As a Potawatomi woman, she learned from elders, family, and history that the Potawatomi, as well as a majority of other cultures indigenous to this land, consider plants and animals to be our oldest teachers. In Braiding Sweetgrass, Kimmerer brings these two lenses of knowing together to reveal what it means to see humans as "the younger brothers of creation." As she explores these themes she circles toward a central argument: the awakening of a wider ecological consciousness requires the acknowledgement and celebration of our reciprocal relationship with the world. Once we begin to listen for the languages of other beings, we can begin to understand the innumerable life-giving gifts the world provides us and learn to offer our thanks, our care, and our own gifts in return"--

  • Now Great LynxNow Great Lynx

    De Ling, Elli.

    "The spirit being and shape-changer Shibizhee, the Great Lynx and underwater panther of the Great Lakes escapes captivity and appears at an Anishinabe Indian reservation. His nemesis is determined to defeat him, and humans attempt to work with him to restore his beloved water world and its life forms"--Amazon.com.

  • The red furyThe red fury

    Follows the inspiring story of three people, their unlikely friendship, and the wild stallion that changes their lives forever.

  • Canoe wayCanoe way : the sacred journey

    Documents the annual Tribal Journeys of Pacific Northwest Coast Salish people. Indigenous Tribes and First Nations from Oregon, Washington, Canada and Alaska follow their ancestral pathways through the waters of Puget Sound, Inside Passage and the Northwest Coast. Families and youth reconnect with the past and each other. Ancient songs, dances, regalia, ceremonies, and language were almost lost and are coming back.

  • Our knowledge is not primitiveOur knowledge is not primitive : decolonizing botanical Anishinaabe teachings

    Geniusz, Wendy Djinn.

  • Native American legendsNative American legends

    They fought hard to protect the lands where they had lived and thrived since time immemorial. Thrill to these larger-than-life, legendary men whose very names conjure brave and ferocious warriors whose unrelenting stamina and indomitable spirit continue to inspire and awe throughout the ages. Learn of their exploits, strategies and stunning victories at the Battle of Little Big Horn and other legendary conflicts of the old west.

  • Muffins for grannyMuffins for granny [stories from survivors of the Canadian residential school system]

  • Jingle dressJingle dress

    An Ojibwa ceremony dating back a hundred years, the history and evolution of the Jingle dress and its related dance is presented along with how the dress is made and how it is presented (by different tribes) at powwows across North America today. Shot on location in Montana and Idaho.

  • Fancy shawlFancy shawl

    Provides a close look at the Fancy Shawl dance and regalia. Danced by championship dancers at Northern powwow contests that have brought womens dancing into the center of the arena. Featuring competition steps: Straight and Crow Hop; close-up of beautiful outfits; expert tips on design, color and sewing; and rare interviews with first Fancy Shawl dancers.

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